Parmjit Singh, owner of the Quality India Restaurant is one of the few businessmen to withstand the transformation of Kenmore Square. He remembers late-night revelers emerging from the famed Rathskeller club and causing a ruckus. He appreciates that the square now draws families and that he no longer frets about vandalism. Originally from Punjab region of India, Singh opened his restaurant in 1983. His home-style cooking has been applauded by Zagat (in its top-Indian-restaurant category) for eleven years in a row. He hears raves especially for his spinach poori bread and coconut korma dishes from major publications and magazines.

By J.O.
The Boston Globe Magazine


India Quality is a restaurant that serves delicious Indian food with all his efforts. India Quality Restaurant is a perfect spot for those who want to venture outside of their comfort zone while also loading up on favorites like lush chicken tikka masala and crispy vegetable samosas. That’s because India Quality Restaurant manages to serve all North Indian and Nepalese favorites too. So in between bites of lamb biryani and garlic naan, make sure to leave room for mango Lassi, the popular Indian Beverage. We assure you Each Indian food dish arrives to you with incredible aromas so beautiful texture it almost makes you forget about everything else, not only is there an incredible selection of meat dishes but also huge variety of veg dishes. Try tender chicken kababs and fragrant biryanis. Every dish you try you feel its another hidden gem on the menu.

No. 1 Indian Restaurant in Boston

“They should change the name to India Excellence” muse revelers at this Kenmore square Indian “Extravaganza”, its “definitive” “variety” topped off by an “unusually good beer selection”, all priced competitively and “served with speed and a smile” in “no-nonsense” digs; it’s “perfect for time and money strapped students”, though even those who can afford to be discerning wax dreamy about “being buried in a sea of saag panir.”

By Zagat Survey

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